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Brick workshop – initial thoughts

the structure next to old bricks like those at Kalø #3

After returning from a fantastic workshop at Hammershøj Teglværk, seeing how the bricks were made, and experimenting with different bonds and combining different formats, colors and most notably – using them together with bricks like the ones at Kalø.

It was great to be able to test out the ideas we had from home, and see what worked and what didn’t. Figuring these things out just simply works better when done in the real world – 1:1. The problem with this however was – that we weren’t using mortar, which both visually and especially structurally changes everything.

We were still able to get a pretty good idea however – and the bricks that my workshop partner and I picked – narrow and very long ones – turned out to fit almost exactly with two new bricks per one old.

We will have to make more tests using mortar and possibly glue to see if our results at the workshop can actually be used in the real world – as of course imperfections and iregularities in bricks is to be expected – especially with very narrow and long ones.

These coming few days we’ll be applying what we learned to detailed laser scanned models from the site. I still feel quite confident that my ideas would work, though a lot of tough choices will have to be made… more to follow!

Brick workshop

Tomorrow we’re heading off to a Brick Factory near randers to expirment in 1:1 with bricks, patterns, colors, bonds, openings, etc. all of it in relationship to our project this semester – converting Kalø Slotsruin with BRICKS as the central element.

I’m planning to work with very long, narrow bricks, and I’m interested in seeing how to make a relief in the bond, causing shadow and depth to appear – as well as how to make openings.

I will post some of my work as I go along – and some more when we get back!