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Critical Written Reflection – What’s this all about?

I have always enjoyed writing, and have for years been writing articles and entries for, among others the magazine NATUR.

As part of my Master’s programme at Aarhus School of Architecture, I’m required to reflect in writing about my process while working, and moreover to have a blog about it.

The idea of writing to reflect, is not new to me. I have written while travelling to better understand the places, and I always take notes along with my drawings.

This systematic idea of blogging while working with creative processes is new to me however, and I look forward to sharing my academic struggles, issues, reflections and possible solutions on this site.

This blog is not about displaying final projects either in my capacity as a graphic designer or as an architecture student – you can check that out at my portfolio.

This is about – my process – written by me – for me – but please feel free to tag along on!

Welcome :)

Best Regards
Jens Buch Johansen