Another wake-up call

These pin-up’s and the dialogue that comes from them seem to give me a lot to think about every time. It can sometimes be hard to see the progress that’s in between, but the project has quite obviously developed and changed every time. In the time after our study trip I had been thinking along the lines of using ideas from both la tourette and the other things we saw on the way, as well as looking at the site in a historical context on the basis of reading about the castle and its history. At the pin-up however I was compelled to take a step back and return to the abstract concept of excavating and uncovering. Seeing what I’m adding as something completely seperate from the existing and letting the circulation be decided directly by the different spaces that I want to create around specific places on the site.

This means two things. First of all I need to go back to the site – pronto – secondly that I need to work in plan for the next two weeks. Perhaps on the same drawing. Getting the landscape plan right, the walk through the site. How does the site meet the interventions? clean cuts in the landscape, perhaps lines with bricks. Do the walls continue up and become furniture? are the paths lined with bricks? crushed bricks? do they fade out into crushed bricks and reappear as solid brick at the excavations? are some paths more important than others? do you enter the excavations gradually by the paths becoming ‘ramps’ ? do they at this point go from being crushed brick to solid?

these are some of the questions… It’s becoming very much a landscape project, which I’m fine with, and I feel that there’s really something to be gained from the transition from existing landscape, to paths, to built structures or just marked areas. Tomorrow I will start drawing my large landscape plan. Saturday I will visit the site. Sunday I will start selecting areas and drawing lines between them. Go go go!

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