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Having returned home I feel full of new ideas and of appreciation for the things that such an interlude which lies somewhere in between a break and an intense course in architecture.

I have from each part of our trip gotten something, and it’s time now that I start making decisions and relating these ideas to my project – if they turn out to belong. Reading the Kenneth Frampton text has also given me some things about, however they are mainly about which parts of the text I should use to illuminate my ideas. I did get some ideas about how to think about the landscape or the “topos” relating to the typos and the tectonics, so that is a bonus.

I now have two systems of brick. The one Jens and I worked with in Randers and the idea of Herzog and Demeuron. Cutting up machine bricks to get an absolutely unreadable and tactile surface. It communicates a plane, whereas the horizontally lined ultima brick wall communicates horizontality, layers and mass. Something tells me, that both will be needed.

Visiting Tadao Ando’s coference centre at the Vitra factory really gave me something to think about. He worked with the landscape and made an excavation – to get away from the noise of the road next to him and get light down, but all the same – he made a clear path where you walk between the cherry trees he set out to protect and his famous silky smooth concrete walls on a narrow path. At no point did I feel that I should cross over and take the shortest route and I think that this is partly due to the enclosed space created by these two factors, but also the composition and the fact that you just can’t help touching the wall.

I had the idea of letting people discover the different parts of the exhibition for themselves and I still think that could be the case – but letting them walk along the walls to then suddenly see new parts and be enclosed by the new buildings and the excavation around them I feel is a really powerful idea. Using the structure of the ruins to lead the visitors around the site.

This is where my experiences from La Tourette come in. The plan solution of the building is complex, yet elegant and the part that I feel that I can really use is this idea of movement alternating from outside to inside. In Corbusier’s case this is about looking at the landscape or the courtyard – in my case it will be the spaces within the ruin and the landscape surrounding it.

So what will happen is this. You walk along a narrow footpath next to one of the castle walls. On your right are possibly trees/bushes to give shade and enclose the space and make you want to stay on the path. Ahead is an opening, between the old ruinous wall and a new, strictly made wall. From this wall a roof appears to hover above the old ruin wall. You walk into this opening by following the path you were already on, and take a left turn through the old door opening in the ruin. You are now enclosed by a new building where part of the programme will take place – each will be about a different part of the castle or have a specific function. One will be either a café or just a space for eating your packed lunch with a view of the sea, one will be about the tower (the hardest one), one will be about the well and the living quarters, wine cellar, etc.

I don’t know how many spaces I need yet – but my next task is to find out, by reading about the castle and it’s history and then drawing. I have come to the conclusion that what I will bring to the pin-up on wednesday is photos and sketches. Nothing more.

From then on this will be my schedule.

nov 23rd-nov 25th:

  • Read about Kalø
  • Print reference images
  • Sketch plan of route through ruin
  • Diagram of movement (butterfly)

nov 25th-dec 2nd:

  • Reflect on feedback
  • decide on interventions draw landscape plan with said interventions
  • start planning 1:200 model (build rhino model)
  • Draw sketches of each space with program and exhibition within

dec 2nd-dec 9th: 

  • build 1:200 model
  • crude versions of  interventions on model.
  • Section drawings
  • Update landscape plan

dec 9th-dec 16th: 

  • Detail drawings
    • Brickwork
    • Roof structure
    • openings?
  • 1:50 models of parts of project?

dec 16th-dec 31st:

  • Finalize CWR (blog + references -> rewrite and connect = CWR)
  • Revisit site if necessary

jan 1st – jan 6th:

  • Make final model 1:200
  • Finalize 1:50 model(s)

Jan 6th – jan 12th:

  • Gather and organize process material
  • Make final drawings
  • Make presentation posters

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