Post pin-up thoughts

After today’s pin-up I feel that I have finally gotten into the essence of what a museum as an excavation can be all about. The tutors and the rest of my group agreed, that the project has definitely moved in the right direction, but a lot of suggestions did come up. There was some disagreement over whether it should be clear geometrical shapes or could be more free-form, as well as about how to get around the site.

One argument was that the idea of making north-south facing structures wasn’t relevant because the sites for digging are not chosen at random and could therefore be optimized exactly to the ruins and the sections I want to display.

I feel that the visitor should be as free to wander around as possible, without being held in their hand every step of the way. That being said, there are some issues with the grass being worn down and the site becoming muddy, especially against the sides of the excavations. Perhaps some system of walkways or pointers could be part of the system of excavations, without being readable as “one way only”. I will have to put some consideration into that.

There were also some suggestions about how to show the verticality of the ruin once in the underground exhibition spaces. letting the roof continue up to show the entirity of the wall. Retracting it more so that when you walk forward you can look up… I feel there is a potential issue of showing too much, so this has to be tested. It should be a totally different experience of the ruin compared to being outside. In this case the glass could potentially also be slanted.

The main thing though was to make sure that all the excavations are treated the same way within their area or rather are one thing or building each, rather than being completely seperated by the ruins. This would require some walkways above the ruin or something like that… interesting. more later.

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