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While my last post was about restraining myself and going from the extreme to the subtle – I must admit that I was not even close to that point yet. There comes a point in any design process when it becomes nessecary to step back and get an overview. Often times it’s good to have someone else pushing you – that’s the job of tutors at school of course, but its something I’ve been trying to work on for the past three years.

My ideas had become too complex and too many, not really working from the perspective of one clear idea, but rather different structural ideas born out of tests made at the workshop in Randers. This I feel is mostly my fault, because I have been burried too deeply in my own project, but also it’s partly down to the project brief asking for structure above all else. When I came to the last pin-up I had many, many ideas of how to make insissions in the walls and carry it – I had even solicited the help of a construction architect I know.

However the advice I was given was to step back and focus on the bigger picture – then zoom back in… To work on the excavation instead of the cutting in the walls, since the excavation talks about treating the building as a delicate object and cutting into the walls isn’t really treating them with care.

Since then I have been working with building up the walls around the tower itself, digging down, making stairs where there is already a lower level and continuing it, looking at the transition from old to new and how to make the cut down around the tower. The tower will act as the interior wall of a new building, this is underlined by the roof slanting towards the centre, where you will effectively be in a courtyard, exposed to the elements and looking up to the sky.

The next step will be how to connect walkways around the excavation and outside walls with the inside of the tower. I’m not sure whether to cut into the tower at all – to get in from the bottom once again – or if it’s enough to go through on a walkway. I’m almost done with a landscape and tower model that will help me on the way.

More after tomorrow’s pin-up!

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