On Bachelard, Kant and Imagination

Like Gaston Bachelard, Kant talks of conecpts deeply written in the mind being the basis of reading the world. That is to say – you know that a house is a house no matter what it looks like – in principle.

Our idea of a house is based on imperical evidence. On houses experienced before. So something that is not exactly like, but similar enough, will still be recognized as a house. Bachelard speaks about our own childhood home being the basis for judging future homes. Thusly too radical changes can be problematic – it will not feel as a house.

Kant defines imagination as the abillity to connect intuition with these schemas in the mind. The better imagination, the better you will be able to ‘connect the dots’.

Hannah Arrendt, Immanuel Kant, Gaston Bachelard.

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