CWR – excercise 3 – position > concept

As I was home ill today, I had to make my own sense of the excercises and hope that I understood the tasks.

The third task is about taking the positions we discovered in the text yesterday and relating and transforming it into something we can use in our own work this semester. In my studio we are working with transforming Kalø Slotsruin – a medieval castle ruin. Our studio is very concerned with craftsmanship and structure – and the text we have been reading is very directly related to these subjects.


First I chose one of our extracted positions from Sennett’s “The Craftsman”

Architecture gets better when there is close colloboration between architects, craftsmen and other relevant groups – together on the site preferably. (p.33.)

  • Flat structure (no or little hierarchy)
  • Idea and craft have to work together in experimentation to develop.
    • In that sense craftsmanship and architecture are the same thing.
  • Shared commitment to the task and to the company (p.31.)


I related this to my project work thusly:

Transforming an existing structure (such as Kalø Slotsruin) one must, whether contrasting or adhering to, position oneself according to the idea and craftsmanship that went into the original project.

Thusly – any experiments, and decisions in the project, in both thought and practical matters, must be based on said position. In a dialogue between the old and the new – between craft and idea.

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